Ramnäs Offshore AB has been successful since 1590, and in offshore mooring for over 50 years. Our long tradition has always been to continuously consider our customers future needs and to improve our products and services. During all these years we have proven that quality is our guiding principle.

The Ramnäs Offshore AB Quality Assurance System conforms to the international quality standard of  ISO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015 and the company holds product approvals from all major classification societies:

  • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
  • Det norske Veritas (DnV)
  • Lloyds Register (LR)
  • Bureau Veritas (BV)
  • RINA

Ramnäs Offshore AB Quality Management System has successfully been certified by Det Norske Veritas Certification AB and conforms to the ISO standard ISO 9001:2008.

You can also read our Quality Policy.

The most important factors when producing high quality chains are the material, the welding procedure and the heat treatment of the chain. Apart from the manufacturing, thorough testing and qualified inspection are also of vital importance.


Ramnäs Offshore AB uses only steel from steelworks qualified and approved by classification societies. All material is thoroughly inspected upon arrival.

Welding the Link

Ramnäs Offshore AB uses linear production and applies micro process control and recording of every individual flash butt weld.

Heat Treatment

Furnace temperature, water temperature, pressure and chain speed are continuously recorded. (Nonconformance is recorded and corrective action is initiated)

Inspection and testing

We put great pride in continously developing the world’s most advanced inspection, and are always researching new ways of improving the process.
Ramnäs Offshore AB has developed unique routines, invested in modern equipment and has skilled personnel to perform manual inspection and automatic testing.

Some of these routines are:

  • Manual and automatic control at heating of blanks
  • Pre heattreatment inspection
  • Visual control of the shape of each link
  • Visual control of trimming results of each weld
  • Inspection and control at forging
  • Hot link bend test
  • Fatigue test i.e. breakload and proofload
  • Shotblasting and checking surface cleanliness
  • Magnetic particle examination, MPI, performed by certified operators
  • Ultrasonic inspection with the phased array method, performed by certified operators