How to get here

Ramnäs is located in the area called Bergslagen, where the Swedish Industrial development started. It has 1500 citizens and is comfortably close to airport, trains and the mainroads.

The Main Office is located 90 minutes from Arlanda Airport Stockholm.

Skärmklipp Google karta


X:6628792, Y:1521189
Lat N 59 46´41″ Lon E 16° 10´56″

Directions from Stockholm, Arlanda to Ramnäs Offshore AB

  • From Arlanda take highway E 4 towards Stockholm.
  • Make a right turn from highway E 4 at road sign Roterbro (Exit 174) and follow signs for (road 267, E18 W) high way E 18 towards Oslo.
  • Stay on highway  E18 approximately 1 ½ hour and when you reach the city of Västerås make a right turn off high way E 18 at road sign Erikslund (Exit 130, Highway 66 Sälen).
  • Bare to the right on the ramp and make a right turn in the traffic circle.
  • Continue go straight through 3 more traffic circles and you are now on Highway 66.
  • Stay on highway 66 for about 25 minutes and make a right turn at road sign Ramnäs.
  • Continue to go straight through Ramnäs and after you pass the grocery store COOP make a left turn, here.


  • Go straight over the small bridge, follow the sign.
  • To deliver goods to the factory take the first right after bridge.
  • To visit the office (Swedish “KONTOR”), go a bit further up the road and then take right.
For more information, please contact us:
Phone: +46-220-22000