Handling & Delivery

With the railroad outside the window, we transport chain to the port of Gävle and Uddevalla. Before dispatch, the identification of the chain is checked. The weight of the chain is recorded, the delivery is documented by records from production and testing, including classification certificate.

Bundle of Chain

Ramnäs Bruk chains are delivered untwisted in bundles.

Ramnäs Bruk uses preventive handling and modern transportation routines that facilitates handling upon arrival and avoids kinking of chain during unloading.

  1.  1. An endless wire is pulled through the links.
  2. 2. The chain is separated into portions/bundles.
    The endless wire prevents twist.
  3. 3. The bundles are lifted onto transportation wagons.
  4. 4. The bundles are secured for shipping / transportation.
  5. 5. A loading/unloading plan is made uniquely for each shipment.