Worldwide Top Quality Mooring Chain for Offshore oil industry, fish- and wind farms.

Ramnäs Offshore AB General Conditions including 5 Year Quality Warranty

Ramnäs Offshore AB, Sweden, is a leading manufacturer of quality chains.
Alone in the market with 5 year quality warranty for all chain!

General Conditions Ramnas Offshore AB

Top Quality

Ramnäs Offshore AB provides offshore safety through top quality anchor chains for demanding mooring systems to customers in the offshore industry. Offshore safety means no compromise on quality! Ramnäs staff knows how important the chain is for their customers. Quality is a way of the everyday life at Ramnäs Bruk!

Long Experience

Fourty-five years of experience working in the offshore sector and producing chains since 1876 in Ramnäs, Sweden.
Twenty-five years without a single customer claim due to fabrication failure.

Suppliers of Quality Steel

Ramnäs quality chain begin in the steelworks that manufacture and supply the high-grade steel that is required. Based on decades of experiences and constant technology development Ramnäs Bruk has a wide and deep knowledge of the alloys and characteristics developed for all our chains including the new grade 5 chains.

See Ramnäs Offshore AB production movie explaining the manufacturing process.

Ramnäs Offshore AB will give you best quality through the entire purchasing, fabrication and supplying phase of your offshore project. Trust us!