Ramnäs Bruk’s studless link can deliver the same performance as a stud link in terms of static strength while offering a saving of some 9% in weight. For deepwater applications, there is a potential reduction in weight, and consequently cost saving. Alternatively, the weight can be kept constant and fatigue strength correspondingly increased by opting for a larger diameter chain. This option also gives a greater margin of safety against the incidence of corrosion.



Compared to a stud link that has a width of 3.6 x d, Ramnäs Bruk standard studless link has a width of 3.35 x d. The length of the studless
link is 6 x d which is the same as for stud link.

Static Strength

Ramnäs studless chain withstands the same break load as a stud-link chain with the same nominal diameter.

The key benefits in short

  • Lower weight with the same safety factor
  • Easy to connect without end link
  • Studless chain is easier to inspect and being a simpler structure, requires less inspection