Test Bench Service

If you have a component that needs to be proof- and/or break loaded, pulled to actual break or any similar test Ramnäs Offshore AB provides this service.

Ramnäs Offshore AB can perform the tests at short notice and has professional and competent personnel handling the tests. Since Ramnäs Offshore AB has good collaboration with all major classification societies they can attend at short notice as well.

After the pull test Ramnäs Offshore AB can provide NDT testing of your components such as Magnetic Particle and Ultrasonic testing with certified personnel.

Some of our Reference Customers are:

  • Moorlink AB, Sweden
  • Statoil ASA, Norway
  • Parker Scanrope AS, Norway

Statoil ASA in Norway has performed several breaking strength tests of used mooring chain at Ramnäs Offshore AB.

Facts about the Test Bench:

Total: 12m (39.4’) Iong,1.1m (3.6’) wide and 0.6m (2’) deep.

Deeper part: 3m (9.8’) Iong,1.1m (3.6’) wide and 1m (3.3’) deep.

Capacity: The test bench has a maximum capacity of 21 500kN (2 190 MT).

Connecting components: Ramnäs Offshore AB has several ways of connecting your components. If the tools are not at hand there is a possibility to design and manufacture these.

Examples of components to test: Chain, shackles, swiwels, connectors and steel wire.

The equipment is not suitable for fibre ropes.

Ramnäs Test Bench Service

Ramnäs Chain Service

Ramnäs Chain Service provides a comprehensive portfolio including Inspection, Storage and Testing chain and accessories with experienced personnel. Pickup and delivery of goods at your premises can easily be arranged for.

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Inspection /NDT

Inspection including NDT with Phased Array technique, Magnetic
Particle Inspection as well as visual inspection, gauging and
dimensional control.


Ramnäs service includes maintenance through splice links,
marking and hard stamping, colour coding, RFID-chip, tagging
etc. for chain.


Proof load & Break load testing, Mechanical testing including
impact testing and tensile testing in collaboration with all major
classification societies. Customized reports and documentation
provided by Ramnäs.

From Stock

Some of the most common adaptor sets, NOVA/RF Connectors
and chain tails from new production, available in stock for
immediate delivery.


Large storage areas indoor and outdoor in collaboration with
well-established transport companies ensures safe and fast
deliveries to and from UK, Norway or other destinations.

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Contact:  sales@ramnas.com